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History of Riverside North

Previously established as Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church.
Construction of the Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church began in 1915 on donated property to serve the growing Catholic population in Jacksonville. It was founded by the Augustinian Fathers. Upon its completion in 1917, it was dedicated by Bishop Michael J. Curley and became an independent parish. The church had wood shingle siding, built in the Late Gothic Revival style, and was 300 feet by 215 on about one and a half acres. The bishop assigned Fr. William Barry as the church's first pastor.

The Augustinians left the parish in 1977, and the Diocese of St. Augustine took over. The church's last pastor was Fr. Joseph Notarpole, appointed in 1979, a Jungian psychologist and diocesan priest who split his time between pastoral duties and counseling.
In 2002, the church shut its doors permanently, a result of declining membership.
In 2006, North Riverside Community Development Corporation purchased the property and through a collaborative project with City of Jacksonville began work on renovating the church building for use as a neighborhood community center.
In 2014, Clara White Mission began managing the property and renamed it Riverside North. An event venue to host weddings, memorial services, and events. All rentals benefit the Clara White Mission.

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